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    Adam S. James

    Hey Doctor Kambon
    I came across your videos after learning of your name from a comment made on a You Tube travel video. Since then, I have watched a great many of your lectures– what’s more, I have even embarked on reading some of your articles. While I’ll admit to you that it was an uphill battle, I can positively tell you that there isn’t a soul today down at the barbershop who can tell me anything about Serial Verb Nominalization in Akan. Don’t laugh, but the discussions gets deep during after hours. . . Even deeper, once we get beyond American politics, the genetic anomalies of the caucasian ape (my favorite) and not to mention how veganism is none other than a ad hoc weapon intended to rid the Blacks completely out of Brooklyn.

    Anyways, I truly enjoy your work. Thank you so much for sharing.


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